Saturday, August 27, 2011

Adidas: Super 14: Super Obsessed

2011 marks the first year that adidas has offered a full compliment of Super Rugby supporters' apparel. Rather than creating a traditional catalogue, the website showcased the new range using a mix of video and flash animation to create a series of interactive videos on the adidas Super Obsessed website.

Catalogues can easily fall into the 'boring' category, so the challenge was to create something unique, functional and offered users something with a bit of funk. Realising that showcasing the gear in the moments of fans' excitement would be a great opportunity, WhybinTBWATequila, Auckland just had to figure out a way of capturing all the energy and excitement in an experience that still allowed users to explore and interact with the merchandise.

Fans were integral in creating the online catalogue from the beginning. Using social networks, fans from around New Zealand were given the opportunity to spend the day with their Super Rugby heroes while being videoed for the interactive catalogue. They were filmed swarming players, while wearing the new merchandise. These videos were shot at 1000 frames per second. This allows website users to interact with the slow motion videos exploring each piece of Super Rugby apparel to find out more information, driving them to their local adidas store.

Category: Clothing & footwear
Client: Adidas
Agency: WhybinTBWATequila Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Campaign file: Download campaign file
Executive Creative Director: Andy Blood
Creative: Jessica Neale
Creative: Matt Watts
Digital Creative Director: Ross Howard
Digital creative: devendra girdhar
Digital Project Manager: Sarah Crosswell
Designer: anil reddy
Account manager: Samantha Macaulay

The commercial titled Super 14: Super Obsessed was done by Whybin\tbwa\tequila\ advertising agency for Adidas (for Adidas) in New Zealand. It was released in the August 2011.

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