Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lifes of grass

Soil, wheat seeds, structure from recycled metal, fabric.
Exhibited at the 2010 Crossing the Line FIAF Festival at Invisible Dog Gallery, Brooklyn, NY and at the French Institute Alliance Fran├žaise FGH Theater hall, NY and at Brooklyn Utopias: Farm City at The Old Stone House Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
In Egyptian Mythology, Osiris is the God of renewal, the one who eternally comes back to life. He is also the personification of the fertile land and the natural cycles: death and rebirth, dryness and fertility. The natural world, ingested as food becomes a component of human being. Through these anthropomorphic and organic sculptures made of soil and wheat grass seeds, I strive to show that food, it's origin, it's transport, has an impact on us beyond it's taste. The power inside it affects every organ of our body. Observing nature and being aware of what and how we eat makes us more sensitive to food cycles in the world - of abundance, of famine - and allows us to be physically, intellectually and spiritually connected to a global reality.
Photos © Matthieu Raffard.

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