Thursday, January 27, 2011

Levi Jeans

Creative Director: Steve Elrick
Creative/ production teams for specific pieces: Print/OOH/Retail
Photographer:Ben sullivan
Copy:Douglas Hamilton
Art Director:Adrian Chan
Designer: Tomaz Goh
Producer: D'or Tey
Production company: Minnow 11/RP Represents
Copy:Douglas Hamilton
Illustrator: Kristal Melson
Producer: Amy Wong
Production company: Abant Works
Product Photography: Sam Tan
Video Production:
Videographer: Jeycob Carlson
Post-Production: Freeflow
Account Management:
Frances Great
Neil Small
Joanna Yeo
Midori Watanabe
Planning/ Engagement Planning: Ayesha Walawalkar

The commercial titled Boy was done by Bbh Asia Pacific advertising agency for Levi Jeans (for Levi`s) in USA. It was released in the January 2011. Business sector is Clothing & footwear.

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