Friday, September 3, 2010

People Against Racism: Facebook 1939

People Against Racism: Facebook 1939
After the establisment of the Slovak state on the 14th of March 1939 a lot of people lost lots of friends.

The origin of an independent Slovak state in 1939 was accompanied by racial oppression and later by the deportation of Jews to concentration camps. Print, which spread simultaneously also by means of galleries on Facebook, is reminiscent of the events after the birth of the Slovak state, and endeavors to present these events and their consequences to today's generation. This visual is at the same time an invitation to join the protest action ‘Enough of the Silenceʼ. A more comprehensive version of the visual made it to the cover of a publication on latent racism, published by the civic organization People Against Racism.

Advertising Agency: Lowe GGK, Slovakia
Creative Directors: Ondrej Kořínek, Jozef Červeň
Art Director: Luboš Kips
Copywriters: Ondrej Kořínek, Petra Števonková

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