Monday, July 30, 2012

Pixelpasta on MacDirectory

MacDirectory Magazine Interview
Caesar Lima > Creating a New Reality
Caesar Lima is a world-renowned photographer with a reputation for constantly keeping his audiences on their toes with his innovative, unique photographic concepts. Talented, driven, and always looking for new and better ways to get his message across, Lima has proven himself more than able to move seamlessly from one style of photography to another while still, and always, maintaining his edge.

Lima credits his success to a variety of factors, including constantly studying his art, keeping his mind open, and, perhaps most of all, not letting himself be intimidated by new ways of doing things. It was in the spirit of the latter, in fact, that Lima, never one to rest on his laurels, launched a new area of business. It's called Pixelpasta and is a seamless blending of photographic magic and digitalization. Viewing the portfolio online at I found myself wondering how much, if any, of the photographs were digital - an effect, Lima told MacDirectory during a recent interview, that is as intentional as it is artistic.

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