Monday, October 4, 2010

Audey 2: Flying penguins

There's a few hiding in your cabinet. Others are crammed in drawers, shelves and in a folder called “to sort” on your desktop. You craft them, nurture them. They look like they could fly, but they don’t. Then you read a poster. A chance to let them be all they can be. Which may be very little, but then again maybe, just maybe, they could be something great. Submit your design, advertising, photography, writing, illustration & other creative work to:
Deadline: 26 March 2010
Visit for more info.

Some ideas/work never see the light of day. So to encourage submissions we're offering the submissions poster for download, at a high resolution/quality. We hope to encourage readers to print them and put them up in their agencies and offices. They get some cool art for their walls and we get a slightly bigger reach.

Advertising Agency: Audrey 2, Johannebsurg, South Africa
Art Director: Kidd Parker
Published: March 2010

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