Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Tiffany Travalent
Fifteen years ago she started a Graphic Design business in Los Angeles. She now combines her love for art and music designing albums and merchandise for Bob Dylan, John Fogerty, Astrid Young, Eric Mc Fadden, Pat Macdonald, and many more. She also worked with Deborah and Carlos Santana as a copywriter for their fan club’s quarterly newsletter. Currently, Tiffany has found a new passion for illustration and is pouring her soul into the cauldron of mixed media. She can also jump buidings in a single bound (on a good day). Check out her album art and hire her for your next masterpiece. she's da bomb!!!

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  1. Tiffany is a gem. She has done 5 of my cd designs and hopefully many more to come. Why bother going elsewhere when I can get the best results sticking with TT.