Sunday, July 18, 2010


Bio for Arno
As long as I can remember (going back to last night), my formula has been:the better you look, the better you see. Some may see it as an upgrade from the famous “a healthy body for a healthy mind” designed for our self-conscious crowd. Others will use it to taunt obsessive-compulsive types. I personally think of it as a reminder that beauty lies in layers.To illustrate that fact, my work uses the ultimate power of the digital: creating numbers of layers for a number of levels and meanings. As far as my background goes, let’s not go into details: I’ve been to school here and there, I’ve lived abroad, I’ve swam in 2 oceans, 1 sea, a channel and loads of swimming pools, I’ve worked with him, her and them.Today, I’m in London, sharing my time creating illustrations, producing special effects, and searching for the elusive perfect cup of tea.

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